Viral floating broom TikTok has users baffled

Floating broom against a sky background with TikTok logoTikTok: TheOneNamedLucca/TikTok

A viral video that shows a broom ‘floating’ in mid-air without any help has captured the attention of TikTokers who aren’t quite sure what to make of it. 

With Halloween only just coming and going, TikTok has been flooded with videos that attempt to show off incredibly spooky phenomenons designed to terrify others.

As a result, TikTokers were obsessed with the legend of the creepy Navajo Skinwalkers, trying to convince others that they’d caught glimpses of them. However, not everything has been that terrifying.

In the days following the fright-filled holiday, one TikToker managed to capture a floating broom, which is pretty unexplainable but it’s hardly going to leave viewers with nightmares. Though, it might keep them awake at night trying to figure out what’s happened.

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TikTok loading page on a phone with a bright backgroundWikimedia Commons, Solen Feyissa
TikTok is a hotspot for viral trends and videos.

TikTok’s floating broom video

The post, which has racked up over 4 million views, comes from TikToker TheOneNamedLucca – an Amazon driver who captured the video while out doing deliveries on November 3.

In the video, Lucca shows the broom just floating in midair directly in front of his van – almost as if a witch has parked it in place. “It’s just floating, seriously,” he said. “There’s no wires, there’s nothing it’s connected to… What is that? Seriously? And it’s just moving too!”

While some users might have thought it was just an optical illusion, and it’s some sort of debris on his van’s windscreen, Lucca shows that’s not the case. He steps outside and gives viewers another angle of the strange phenomenon.

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Is the floating broom TikTok real?

Some viewers quickly suggested that it might have been a drone that had been set up to look like a broom or perhaps there was wire but it was see-through so it blends in with the sky. “I know there is an explanation but IDK what it would be, a drone?” said one. “I thought it was the dirty windshield at first,” added another.

The TikToker noted that he wasn’t alone on the trip and could get his co-worker to prove it was “legit” and debunk some of the theories that the video was faked.

As of writing, the original continues to rack up views and comments as TikTokers want to get to the bottom of it.

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Some are hoping for a follow-up from the next time Lucca is on his delivery rounds to see if it’s still and if someone can offer an explanation.