Viral couple shocks viewers claiming they were locked inside hospital

TikToker StephsMonologue reveals they were trapped in hospitalTikTok: Stephsmonologue

A couple has gone viral on TikTok after uploading a video claiming they were locked inside the urgent care center after all the staff left in the middle of her treatment.

With over a billion monthly users on TikTok, the app has become full of people around the world sharing the wildest aspects of their lives.

For TikToker Stephsmonologue, the wildest aspect of her life recently happened when she and her husband went to urgent care to seek medical attention.

She claims in her viral video that in the middle of receiving medicine at the office, the staff left — locking her and her husband inside in the process.

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Couple goes viral claiming they were locked inside hospital

The video from early February shows Steph and her husband inside the urgent care office. Her husband was on the phone calling for help.

“So, we’re locked in the urgent care after hours. They gave me morphine and they left, I was really scared. This is what’s happening,” she said.

In the caption, she explained that they could find the owner’s phone number in a journal on the desk and that he was the one that came to set them free.

As the video went viral, viewers flooded the comments with their thoughts on the situation.

“This just makes me think that they aren’t cleaning every room in between patients,” one user said.

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Another viewer said: “This has got to be a lawsuit. All those records left for y’all to look through.”

While a third TikToker explained that a similar situation happened to their friend: “This happened to a friend of mine at an eye exam. They put her in a dark room for her eyes to dilate, locked up, and left for the day.”

Steph’s story is definitely going to be something she talks about for the rest of her life, just like another TikToker who had to call for help after being trapped in a Wingstop bathroom.