Fire department called after customer gets trapped in Wingstop bathroom

Fire department called after customer gets trapped in Wingstop bathroomTIKTOK: allymander_20

A TikToker documented her brother getting trapped inside a Wingstop bathroom, which ended with the fire department being called to the rescue.

In a viral clip with 331,000 views, Allie (allymander_20) said that while her brother was using the bathroom at Wingstop, the lock became jammed and he couldn’t exit. 

This led to the fire department having to break him out. The TikToker said that the whole ordeal lasted 40 minutes.

In the video, Allie explained to the staff that though the door appeared unlocked, the door had remained locked for some reason. “So yeah, we’re gonna probably have to call the fire department,” she said.

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The fire department arrived later on, and they eventually managed to pry the door open, freeing Allie’s brother.

“What an eventful night, my brother was stuck for a good 40mins,” she captioned the video. “He has the worst luck.”

TikTok reacts to customer stuck in Wingstop bathroom

In the comments, many TikTok users questioned how such a thing was even possible.

“Why do they need that level of security on their bathroom door?!” one top comment read.

Allie later explained that “there’s a deadbolt on the inside that wasn’t working, and the employees said they didn’t have a key.” She also revealed that the store called the fire department, as they did not know what to do.

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Other users shared their own similar stories of being stuck in a public bathroom.

“That happened to me, but the bathroom was really tiny. I had no phone and the worker had headphones on & couldn’t hear me banging on a metal door,” one wrote.

“Got locked in a bathroom as a kid. I got lucky, a fireman was already there on break so nobody had to be called,” another shared.

“Once I got stuck in the bathroom at work. It took a long time for everyone to notice, because no phones were allowed, so I didn’t have my cell with me,” a third said.

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