Viral cheese fondue fail guy tries fountain again & people are delighted

Tasty Hoon poses next to successful cheese fondueYouTube: Tasty Hoon

In a joyful turn of events, the mukbang YouTuber who had a rather unfortunate incident with a fondue machine gone haywire, has finally got his cheese fountain working perfectly, much to the internet’s delight.

YouTuber Tasty Hoon has just recently got started on his mukbang YouTube channel, a style of eating show originating from Korea that sees streamers and YouTubers eat huge amounts of delicious looking food on camera.

However, disaster struck for Hoon just three videos in when he attempted to make a cheese fondue fountain to dip his fried chicken in. The cheese was much too thick, and the fountain started literally falling apart before his eyes, thick globs of cheese being whipped around at frightening speeds, landing across the room.

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The stunned YouTuber kept carried on with the show nonetheless, wrapping his chicken in the blanket-like cheese that he’d picked up from the table.

The clip promptly went viral, one of its most popular tweets receiving over 430,000 likes and counting. In the comments of his previous video Hoon announced he would give the fountain and another try, and on that he delivered.

This time the cheese he melted was a lot thinner in consistency, and looked a little more promising. But that didn’t stop Hoon from flinching when he hit the on-switch, totally unable to anticipate what the results would be. To his absolute delight the fondue worked perfectly, and that made the delicious-looking cheese-covered fried chicken a lot more rewarding.

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And the internet was just as delighted as Hoon, sharing their congratulations on the success across social media. One Twitter user expressed how much they loved “the joy on his face. I love this man and his cheese fountain.”

Another user commented on the perfectly cyclical story of the failure and success of the mukbanger’s cheese fountain, calling it a “mistakes into miracles” story.

Tasty Hoon’s viral success has had people falling in love with the mukbanger’s hilarious personality, and it may well give him the push to try other ambitious food experiments, hopefully with some more hilarious moments along the way.

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