TikTok Rising Creators: Who is JohnMcginnis36? Man goes viral for TikTok hot sauce dance

Dylan Horetski
TikTok/TikTok: JohnMcGinnis39

TikTok is full of rising creators providing unique content and starting new trends, but have you ever wanted to know more about them? We’re here to showcase JohnMcginnis39 and his hot sauce dance trend. 

Considered one of the best places to go for easy, short-form content consumption, TikTok is the home of many different trends. The platform has even helped create a fair share of celebrity status creators like Addison Rae and Charlie D’Amelio.

One of the latest trends consists of pouring scalding hot sauce on food, taking a bite, and then doing a dance to the tempo of a Russian trap song. The trend was kicked off by a TikToker by the name of ‘JohnMcginnis36,’ and we’re here to help you learn a bit more about the creator.

Who is JohnMcginnis36?

The Canadian TikToker, whose real name is John McGinnis, isn’t exactly a stranger to having a video go viral on the platform. Before kicking off his current trend, he had gained a few million views with other wacky food content.

On September 15, the creator uploaded a video of him taking a bite of his sandwich from Subway right before dancing to the Russian song “Я буду ебать” by Moreart.

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It’s not just any dance, though; it’s one that the creator seemingly created himself by placing his arm horizontally across his chest before he moves it up and down when the song’s beat starts.

This infamous video has over 8 million likes on the platform, which kick-started a trend that’s now been duetted and stitched by thousands of other creators. His dance hasn’t been without controversy though, as many creators have expressed that they feel he’s off-tempo with his arm movements.

hot sauce dance trend spin-off

After McGinnis’ video went viral, other creators on the platform decided to join in on the fun, with some even putting their own spin on things.

TikToker ‘ToTouchAnEmu,’ who gained popularity for his own ‘Stay’ trend, began his video with his infamous intro where he looks at the original creator’s video on a phone. As the camera pans to him eating at a table, he adds his own rainbow background as he copies the dance.

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Apparent cheese lover ThisPronto decided to keep things simple as he pours a pan of hot cheese onto a plate of tortilla chips.

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Food Dance trend controversy

After just about every video posted by the creator, people have complained that the creator isn’t doing his dance at the right tempo. However, several creators on the app have come to his defense.

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Whether or not he’s considered to be on beat, the creator took a simple dance, recorded it, and has taken over many viewers’ For You Page. We’ll have to wait and see how long this trend stays around.