Valkyrae fans celebrate as YouTube star named The Game Awards presenter

Valkyrae to present at 2022 game awardsInstagram: valkyrae

YouTube star Valkyrae has been chosen as a presenter for the 2022 Game Awards — and her fans are over the moon with excitement to see their favorite streamer on stage.

Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter is co-owner of 100 Thieves and one of YouTube’s most prominent broadcasters, boasting over 3.8 million subscribers on her channel.

In fact, she took home ‘Content Creator of the Year’ at the 2020 Game Awards against names like TimTheTatMan and Nickmercs. Now, she’s returning to present the Awards two years later.

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The Game Awards are the gaming industry’s version of the Oscars, awarding the best and brightest of the business’s releases, including categories for Best Narrative, Best Performance, and the coveted Game of the Year, among many others.

Valkyrae to present at The Game Awards 2022

On December 6, just two days before the 2022 TGA’s, Valkyrae was announced as a presenter for the prestigious event in an official tweet from the Awards’ Twitter account — and fans went wild with excitement.

“Can’t wait for this!” one fan replied.

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“BIG, BIG W,” another exclaimed.

“That’s my streamer mother!” another joked.

As previously mentioned, this is a big step for Valkyrae, who notably took home the 2020 Game Awards’ trophy for Content Creator of the Year. It’s unclear which segment Valkyrae will be presenting this year; she might be presenting a single award, or might be around for multiple parts of the broadcast.

Valkyrae isn’t the only influencer taking part in this year’s Game Awards, either — TGA also announced that Fuslie is also presenting, who recently moved to YouTube after streaming exclusively on Twitch for years.

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A few big-time celebrities are also taking part in 2022’s Game Awards, including Daniel Craig of Bond fame, Glass Onion actress Jessica Henwick, and director of Knives Out Rian Johnson.

This year’s Game Awards promises to feature a slew of stars in one of the biggest gaming events of the year… an event where Dr Disrespect hinted he might drop a trailer for his own upcoming game, Deadrop.