Valkyrae cracks first ‘blue light’ joke on stream after RFLCT controversy

Valkyrae laughYouTube: Valkyrae

YouTube streamer and 100 Thieves co-owner Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter made headlines for the wrong reasons when she announced her RFLCT skincare products — but now she’s seen the funny side and is already cracking jokes about it.

The RFLCT skincare drama became a huge topic of discussion among the gaming community when it first surfaced.

Valkyrae announced RFLCT as a product to protect against the dangers of blue light that comes from our screens — but was quickly critiqued for it.

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Many critics called it a scam or misleading, saying that the effects of blue light were being overstated and painting it out to be purely a money-making scheme.

Screenshot from RFLCT site with statement on beauty productsScreenshot: RFLCT
The RFLCT brand is no more.

While Rae was clearly upset by the backlash, she’s slowly getting through it, resuming her regular streams and playing with friends once again.

While she didn’t love fellow streamers such as Mizkif making jokes about the situation, Valkyrae is obviously starting to see the funny side and is able to poke fun at herself as a result.

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When one viewer asked how her eyes were so blue (she was donning a pair of bright blue contact lenses), Rae said: “You see, I used so much of my blue light cream, it just infused with my eyeballs, and now I have blue eyes. Now I deflect blue light from screens automatically.”

Begins 24:28

She even went on to joke that “you guys missed out, you could have blue eyes too,” and her viewers loved it.

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Joking that the gag was “too soon,” Valkyrae’s chat seemed more than happy to join in on the frivolity, no doubt happy to see the dust settling for their favorite streamer.

It appears the worst of the RFLCT controversy – Valkyrae’s first major backlash since skyrocketing in popularity in the past two years – is now behind her, and fans are sympathetic, rather than angry.