Valkyrae claps back at bizarre claims she “hates” kkatamina

valkyrae miyoungYouTube: Valkyrae/Twitter: kkatamina

YouTube streamer Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter went off on a viewer after they made a comment claiming she secretly hates kkatamina. 

When Valkyrae went live on December 8, Kim ‘kkatamina‘ Miyoung was scheduled to join her on stream. When she didn’t make it on time, Rae made a joke about how she hasn’t shown up.

After explaining that Miyoung brought up the idea of doing a 48-hour stream together, Valkyrae joked: “Miyoung cant even show up on time or wake up, you think she can do a 48-hour stream with multiple people? No, she cannot.”

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However, one of her viewers took her joke seriously and made a comment about it that didn’t quite sit well with the 100 Thieves co-owner. Rae then proceeded to tear into the viewer regarding their comment.

Valkyrae on YouTube stream.YouTube: Valkyrae
Valkyrae recently had to clap back due to viewers sexualizing her.

Valkyrae goes off on stream viewer

While Rae was setting up to do a Reddit recap on stream, she noticed her viewers discussing a comment made by someone who was taking her joke too seriously.

The creator went back to read the comment: “I love how Rae pretends to not be annoyed by Miyoung not showing up and actually hates her guts right now.”

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As she started laughing, she said: “There’s no way that’s real. I live really far away from everyone, I’m totally trolling. She’s coming to the next stream anyway, I don’t need my friends to show up at the exact time because I can do other things.

“I think you’re projecting, and you’re mad she’s not here because maybe you’re one of her stalkers. Just cause you’re upset, doesn’t mean that I am.”

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Starts at 26:51 in the video

Just when Rae’s viewers thought she was done, she added: “Change your username. I don’t like that we share the first three letters. You’re embarrassing me, stop it.”

On November 24, kkatamina became the most-subscribed female on Twitch after reaching 72,609 subs during her two-week subathon. This achievement also placed her in second overall, falling just behind xQc but beating NICKMERCS and Hasan.

Valkyrae helped Miyoung reach that goal by donating thousands of subscribers during the marathon stream.

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