Kkatamina becomes the most subbed female Twitch streamer

kkatamina twitchkkatamina/Twitch

Rising Twitch star Kim ‘kkatamina’ Mi-young has broken a record years in the making, becoming the most subscribed-to woman on the platform. She overtook the 52,992-sub record on November 18 in front of thousands of fans.

Kkatamina’s ascent up the Twitch ranks has been nothing short of rapid since her May 2020 debut.

Known for streaming mostly Valorant and in the Just Chatting category, her popularity has exploded in 2021 — thanks to doing plenty of streams with the likes of Sykkuno, Valkyrae, and Ludwig — reaching 400,000 followers.

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However, now she has a record all to herself that other women on the platform like Pokimane and Amouranth can’t hold claim to. Kkatamina is now Twitch’s most subscribed-to female streamer, cresting the record on November 18, the ninth day of her subathon.

Valkyrae, Fuslie, Yvonnie, KkataminaTwitter: Valkyrae
Stars Valkyrae, Fuslie, Yvonnie, and kkatamina all hanging out together.

Kkatamina breaks Twitch subscriber record thanks to subathon

Kkatamina has been hosting a subathon on her channel, streaming almost non-stop for two weeks which has helped push her sub numbers. During the subathon, she’s played games like Mario Party Superstars and Minecraft.

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Her previous highest sub count was 45,973, according to stats site TwitchTracker. That number is good enough for the 26th spot on the all-time record board, but now she’s broken into the top 20.

On November 18, she managed to climb past 53,000 subscribers — eclipsing the record set by DJ Sintica in September 2021 of 52,992. At the time of publishing, kkatamina has more than 54,700 subscribers.

Kkatamina’s 54,700 subscribers also has her in fifth in terms of active Twitch subscriber count, behind CriticalRole, xQc, Gaules, and NICKMERCS.

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She did get plenty of help along the way, with fans and streaming stars alike chipping in to keep the subathon alive. YouTube star Valkyrae gifted a whopping $5,000 worth of subscribers to support her.

However, with her subathon still kicking on and NICKMERCS only ahead by 2000 or so, she has a chance to pushing even higher up the list.

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