Usada Pekora gets her own Tamagotchi as Bandai and Hololive team up

Kurt Perry
Usada Pekora Tamagotchi and exclusive plushie next to Hololive logo.

Bandai has announced that it is teaming up with Hololive to release a series of products themed on Vtuber Usada Pekora, including a new Tamagotchi.

Even by Hololive’s high standards, Usada Pekora is an incredibly successful Vtuber. In Q1 2023 she was the most watched female streamer on the planet, attracting almost 6.5 million total hours watched.

With its talents pulling in numbers like that it’s no surprise Hololive is securing so many deals with big brands. For example, June 2023 alone saw Mori Calliope get a limited edition PC case and TakanashI Kiara receive a gorgeous figurine.

The latest Hololive Vtuber to benefit from such a partnership is Usada Pekora, and this might be the most unique yet.

Usada Pekora to receive Tamagotchi Nano model

Hololive Vtuber Usaka Pekora is set to get her very own Tamagotchi as initially announced during her 24 hour anniversary stream across July 16 and 17.

This was further confirmed shortly after when the official Tamagotchi Twitter account tweeted: “The year is 2023, the Year of the Rabbit. A certain rabbit wave has come to Tamagotchi Nano! Pekoratchi Plan to Turn All Humans into Rabbits. Accepting order now!”

The Pekoracchi set comes with an exclusive plushie and costs ¥5,500, the equivalent of around $40 USD. Pre-order for the entire set are available until August 6 and is expected to ship sometime in December 2023.

Unfortunately, the set is currently only being sold by Premium Bandai who only ship products to a select few countries. Also, it sold out immediately after going on sale so even those who are eligible for shipping will have to wait.