Hololive’s Pekora dominates as most watched female streamer across YouTube & Twitch

usada pekora hololive vtuber most watched female streamer q1 2023YouTube: Pekora Ch.

Hololive Vtuber Usada Pekora has risen above the competition to be crowned the most-watched female streamer so far this year.

Ever since their popularity exploded vtubers have consistently ranked amongst the top female streamers on both Twitch and YouTube. This includes both popular indie vtubers and those working under companies such as Hololive and Nijisanji.

Last year’s Twitch rankings saw Amouranth reign supreme followed by Ironmouse, Saebom, and Jinny. This time around though we have YouTube stats mixed in too which is the preferred platform for many of Japan’s biggest vtubers.

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Pekora tops most watched female streamer charts

The latest rankings for the most popular female streamers of 2023 have been revealed courtesy of Streams Charts. Topping the charts is Usada Pekora, Hololive’s third-generation rabbit girl. Pekora is arguably the most popular vtuber on the planet having also performed well in previous rankings.

most watched female streamers q1 2023 streams chartsStreams Charts

For Q1 2023, Pekora managed to attract 6.48 million hours watched on her YouTube channel. By doing so she edged out Twitch streamer Rivers.gg who racked up an equally impressive 6.02 million hours watched.

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Continuing down the rankings Pekora is joined by several of her Hololive colleagues with Koyori in third, Miko in fifth, Subaru in sixth, Watame in ninth, and Kanata rounding off the top ten. Outside of Hololive Amouranth features in fourth, Korean streamer Saebom in seventh, and Kyadae in eighth.

Hololive dominates YouTube rankings of most watched female streamers

Whilst Pekora and several other Hololive vtubers did well on the overall rankings it’s YouTube’s most watched female streamers list where they dominate. In Q1 2023 seven of the top ten most-watched female streamers on YouTube work for Hololive.

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The Hololive vtubers to make up the top 7 of this list are Pekora, Koyori, Miko, Subaru, Watame, Kanata, and Korone in that order. The remainder of the list comprises of Met and Ars Almal with Valkyrae being the only non-vtuber featured.

In addition, Q1’s top ten peak viewership for YouTube’s female streamers is exclusively made up Hololive members. Once again, Pekora tops this chart having reached 174,000 peak viewers. From first to tenth this ranking goes Pekora, Towa, Subaru, Miko, Koyori, Korone, Mio, Aqua, Marine, and Suisei.

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