YouTuber gets slapped by DAZN cameraman mid-fight and can’t believe it

Shay Robson
YouTube Unbear stood in boxing ring

YouTuber Unbaer has responded after a clip went viral showing a DAZN cameraman slapping him on the back of the head in the middle of his Misfits boxing match.

Since KSI’s Misfits Boxing signed a five-year deal with sport-streaming service DAZN in early 2023, we’ve seen an absolute ton of influencer boxing events with some of the internet’s biggest stars.

However, it’s fair to call Misfits x DAZN Series 008 the most unorthodox influencer card we’ve seen to date, with a first-of-its-kind four-man ‘Survival Tag Match’ between Nichlmao, Swarmz, B Dave, and Ryan Johnston headlining as the main event.

It also featured the second tag-team match we’ve seen on a Misfits card, as well as a couple of undercard bouts and a prelim show that has made it an action-packed event. However, things got a little too crazy when a cameraman got caught up in one of the bouts.

Unbaer responds after DAZN cameraman slaps him during fight

The event saw the anticipated rematch between Twitter superstar Corn and small YouTuber Unbaer — after the two first went toe-to-toe on Misfits 007 in May, which resulted in Unbear taking the win via split decision.

Having more time to train and prepare, this time around it wouldn’t be so easy for Unbear, as Corn came out swinging in full force for revenge from the get-go.

While the fight was fairly even, the third and fourth round was completely dominated by the Twitter star. With just a little over a minute and a half left on the clock in the last round, Corn backed his opponent up to the ropes, where the cameraman stood directly behind.

In a clip that has since gone viral, showing the fight from another angle, it appears as if the DAZN cameraman actually slaps Unbear on the back of the head as he’s backed up into the rope.

The fight was then called off by the referee just seconds later, with Corn taking the rematch via TKO, putting a third ‘decider’ bout between the two on the cards.

Responding to the viral clip, Unbaer said on Twitter: “2V1 ain’t fair.”

In another tweet, he added: “Listen here mate, I don’t know who you are camera man but I’m coming for you…”

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