KSI explains why he’s so “p*ssed off” by DAZN helping Kingpyn

Shay Robson
KSI holding his head in his hands wearing white long sleeve

KSI has laid out why he’s annoyed with DAZN for giving a “helping hand” Kingpyn Boxing as the promotion faced bankruptcy.

After KSI’s Misfits Boxing signed a five-year deal with DAZN earlier in 2023, the influencer-boxing scene is continuing to get bigger and bigger — with events featuring some of the internet’s biggest stars going blow for blow becoming more common.

While Misfits continues to push the scene forward more than anybody else, competitors have since entered the space, such as Kingpyn Boxing — who earlier this year kicked off the first influencer boxing tournament.

However, leading up to the second event, the company seemed to be in turmoil — reportedly facing bankruptcy according to Happy Punch Boxing. That was until DAZN stepped in, giving Kingpyn a “helping hand” to allow the semi-final event to still go forward.

However, it’s fair to say KSI wasn’t pleased with DAZN helping Misfits’ rival, calling the circumstances “annoying.” Now, the YouTube star has explained he’s “p*ssed off” by the situation.

KSI reveals why he’s so “p*ssed off” with DAZN

In a July 14 SideCast episode, KSI and the Sidemen touched on the Kingpyn situation, where Miniminter disputed the claim that Kingpyn were going bankrupt.

KSI then elaborated, clarifying Kingpyn were in a tough spot financially in DAZN stepped in. “Nah look, financially they were struggling and DAZN gave them a helping hand,” he said.

The YouTube star continued, explaining why he’s so annoyed with DAZN giving the promotion a hand. “I’m pissed, nah obviously it pisses me off. First, we had Jake Paul coming on to DAZN with his shitty event.


“I don’t own DAZN, but I feel like I’m exclusive, you know what I mean? I’m one of the reasons why you know… I feel like I’m helping DAZN quite a lot. I feel like I add value.

He added: “I don’t know, it’s just annoying having Jake Paul and then now Kingpyn.”

The rest of the Sidemen then explained how it’s actually smart of DAZN to give Kingpyn a platform — allowing the sport streaming service to dominate the entire influencer boxing scene.

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