UFC star Donald Cerrone threatens to “knock the sh*t” out of Andrew Tate

Virginia Glaze

Retired UFC star Donald Cerrone has challenged Andrew Tate to a fight, claiming he’ll “knock the sh*t” out of the controversial online figure.

Andrew Tate is currently under house arrest at his abode in Romania, awaiting trial on charges of human trafficking, rape, and organized criminal activity.

Although Tate is best known for his controversial views on women and his presence as an internet commentator, he is also a retired professional kickboxer who was a four-time ISKA world champion in two weight divisions.

Thus, Tate’s had a lot to say regarding the world of combat sports… but his comments on former UFC fighter Donald Cerrone have kicked up quite a commotion.

Andrew Tate Instagram
Andrew Tate is currently embroiled in a feud with retired UFC star Donald Cerrone.

Andrew Tate challenges Donald Cerrone

In a recent podcast, Tate took aim at Cerrone over comments the fighter had made about him.

“I’ve heard of him,” Tate said. “Didn’t McGregor finish him pretty quick?”

“If he has a problem with me, come to my house,” he offered. “He knows where I am. Everyone knows where I am. Until then, I have no problems with anybody.”

“If he thinks I can’t fight, and if he wants to tell it to my face and kick my ass, he’s welcome to try. And I strongly believe he would regret that decision.”

Donald Cerrone offers fight to Andrew Tate

Cerrone was quick to hit back at the former ‘King Cobra’ of kickboxing, despite being on vacation. In fact, the fighter offered to throw hands with Tate in a match, official or no, saying he’d “knock the sh*t” out of him.

“Andrew Tate,” he began. “You got everyone calling and blowing my phone up while I’m out here on vacation, talking about allegations that you want to try and fight me,” he said.

“Back in the day, when me and Joe Schilling always watched videos that he wanted to fight you, and you ran like a little girl your entire career, bro. Are you kidding me? I’ll knock the sh*t out of you.”

Cerrone went on to offer him a bout in either the octagon or on the street once Tate’s legal troubles get resolved — but until that point, told him to “shut the f—k up, keep my name out of your mouth. Enjoy your cigars and trafficking women.”

This latest confrontation follows Tate’s offer to spar with YouTube-boxer Jake Paul following his upcoming bout against MMA star Nate Diaz in August.

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