Why was Andrew Tate released from jail?

Andrew Tate being walked into police building by guard in black jacketYouTube: On Demand News

After Andrew Tate’s latest bid to be released from Romanian custody was accepted, he and his brother are now under house arrest while being investigated for human trafficking.

Since his arrest in December last year, Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan had their one-month custody extended several times, and neither of them were able to appeal for bail for several months due to the severity of the crimes they are being investigated for.

The judges previously cited the fact that the Tates may be able to use their resources to leave the country as a reason for keeping them in custody, but they have since been released and returned to their home in Romania.

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How long was Andrew Tate in jail for?

Andrew and Tristan Tate were in prison for three months, having entered Romanian custody in December 22. Their jail time was extended for another month was protracted several times after bail was repeatedly denied. This means the Tates spent four months in jail.

Under Romanian law, suspects can be detained for a maximum of six months while investigations into their actions are ongoing, so the Tates could theoretically have served another two months in jail before being released or being sentenced.

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Andrew Tate in black jacket held by policeYouTube/Sky News
Andrew Tate has had his appeal for release denied five times.

Why was Andrew Tate arrested?

Andrew and Tristan Tate were arrested on December 29 along with two other suspects while Romanian forces investigated them for alleged sexual assault and exploitation.

The Tates have strongly denied any involvement in illegal activity.

Prosecutors have identified six women claiming to be victims of Andrew Tate. Their case alleges that the Tates seduced women so that they would produce pornographic content on demand, which was used to fuel a webcam business.

Despite his jail time, Andrew Tate’s official Twitter account has remained extremely active, posting clips from before his arrest and speaking to followers.

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Andrew & Tristan Tate House arrest extended for another 30 days

Since then, the Tate bros have been under house arrest. As of May 19, 2023, the brothers have been relegated to their home for two months, with another 30-day extension given by a court decision on that same day.

Tate reacted to the news on Twitter, saying he “wasn’t told why” his stay was extended.

“Today I was ordered to 30 more days under house arrest,” he wrote. “I wasnt told why. 3 months in a dungeon, now 3 months at home. Police guard my house, if I leave, they return me to the dungeon. I have not been free for a single day this year.”

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For more updates on Andrew Tate, check out our coverage of his recent jail appeal.

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