Tyler1's analysis of his 'fight' with Yassuo is Twitch gold - Dexerto

Tyler1’s analysis of his ‘fight’ with Yassuo is Twitch gold

Published: 2/Oct/2019 16:32 Updated: 2/Oct/2019 17:23

by Kamil Malinowski


Popular Twitch streamer Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp gave a hilarious analysis of his altercation with Moe ‘Yassuo’ at the LoL Twitch Rivals event.

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The League of Legends Twitch Rivals event took place on September 28, where some of the game’s best content creators played a few competitive matches.

Things got a little heated, however, and the streamers ended up throwing some trash talk back and forth before engaging in a grappling match. A few days later Tyler1 fired up his stream and spoke about the event while giving some absolutely hilarious analysis.

Tyler1, YouTubeTyler1 is one of the most popular League of Legends streamers.
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“Moe is such a little bitch!” opened Tyler, following with explaining how it all began: “I just went in with a nice little know your place chest bump, right? But then, I almost slugged him here, just imagine seeing this guy and not wanting to hit him.”


He then continued the story, hilariously re-enacting what happened while puffing up his chest. “So I give him one to put him in his place, like, watch it little guy, you don’t wanna get hurt here.” But Yassuo doesn’t didn’t back down and instead attempted to shove him.

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At this point, Tyler1 is getting really into the story, and starting to put on his trademark shout, almost as if he was at the event again. “He rears back, gets a two-mile head start and gives me everything he has. I move half an inch… now he’s started an altercation” he said.


The American then states that he has to defend himself and jumps out of his seat, picking up his chair to demonstrate how he was going to “pick him up and f****** throw him out of the arena”, almost tossing the pc chair across the room before setting it down.

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The clip of the scuffle ended shortly after, but Tyler couldn’t leave it just yet and whipped out a final impersonation of Moe, screwing up his face and waving his head around while cheekily saying “Eh, you didn’t like that one bit did ya? I’ve been lifting a bit, you don’t wanna see me” before stating that he wasn’t even trying.


Tyler1 then closed out by saying that escalating things wasn’t worth it and that he’d “let it slide” this one time.

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Both streamers were invited to the event due to having a large LoL audience on Twitch. Tyler1 is one of the biggest streamers for the game, meanwhile Yassuo isn’t that far behind. 

However, the American was definitely the star of the show and some people even consider him to be the face of League due to his massive audience. He’s so popular that the games developers Riot Games consistently invite him to major esports events to make short comedic appearances.