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Tyler1 shuts down Twitch mods hoping to get paid like Ludwig’s

Published: 27/Mar/2021 15:41

by Joe Craven


League of Legends streamer and Twitch personality Tyler ‘tyler1’ Steinkamp hilariously shut down a mod’s effort to get equal pay to the mods of Ludwig – the streamer who has come to dominate all of Twitch. 

Ludwig’s rise to the top of Twitch has been nothing short of exceptional. Having only just recovered from a burst appendix, the 25-year-old American set himself the challenge of a ‘subathon’ stream, meaning every new subscription adds 15 seconds to the time he has to stream.

The result was probably beyond Ludwig’s wildest expectations, seeing him catapulted to the top of Twitch’s most subscribed creators, with over 90,000 active subs.


Ludwig sat in a race car bed on Twitch
Twitch: Ludwig
Ludwig has over 90,000 subscribers now, making him the most subbed to creator on Twitch.

With the amount of attention on Ludwig, it has come to the community’s attention that he pays his mods around $1,000 per day throughout the subathon. Ludwig’s generosity – in spite of the seemingly small proportion of the money he will actually receive – led to calls from a Tyler1 mod to match the amount, a demand that was shut down instantly by the League of Legends streamer.

“Yo, Ludwig pays his mods $1k per day, kinda interesting no?” Tyler read. “Hey, stonerocks, make another stupid a** comment like that, and you will not only lose your mod, you’ll lose your chat privileges. I’m not Ludwig. Let me make that real clear.”


As funny as Tyler’s comments were, he immediately made clear that he was “just kidding”, and appreciated the banter from his mod – even if he did make clear that a similar pay rise is pretty much a non-starter on his channel.

Ludwig isn’t the only streamer on the platform to reward his moderators in some way, but it’s certainly not a common or expected practice – most are just happy to have the elevated position in a streamer’s chat.

Tyler1’s viewers, likewise, found the incident pretty funny, commending both the mod for their audacity and the streamer for his quick response.