Lil Nas X joining DreamSMP Minecraft server with Karl Jacobs, Corpse & more

Lil Nas X and Dream in MinecraftFlickr: DiFronzo/YouTube: TommyInnit

Music star Lil Nas X is joining the DreamSMP Minecraft server, at least for one appearance anyway, and it’s got some fans and creators very excited. 

The DreamSMP server has captured the imagination of millions of fans with many getting behind their favorite Minecraft YouTubers as the world continues to expand and evolve.

Outside of the usual crew – which involves the names like Dream, TommyInnit, and GeorgeNotFound – other content creators have gotten involved through guest spots.

Streamers like Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys, and Corpse Husband have all gotten the chance to explore the incredible Minecraft world, and they’re soon to be joined by musician Lil Nas X.

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Minecraft promo image next to Dream, Mojang, Microsoft Studios /
The Dream SMP is full of many hugely popular streamers and YouTubers.

When is Lil Nas X on DreamSMP?

Karl Jacobs, who sprung to popularity as a part of Mr Beast’s YouTube channel, revealed that the ‘Old Town Road’ singer would be getting involved on March 26 after tweeting the news to thousands of excited fans.

“Touring Lil Nas X on the Dream SMP featuring Corpse and some of the SMP boys! [March 27] at 7pm EST :]” he said on his HonkKarl alt Twitter.

The singer quickly responded as well, noting his excitement, with Karl adding further: “Excited gonna be so fun! :]”

Whilst Karl’s legion of fans replied with their excitement, other content creators chimed in as well, bigging up the growing content creator.

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“You went from giving me a tour to this. You have come so far,” said Lannan ‘LazarBeam’ Eacott. “Karl, this is VERY cool!” noted Twitch streamer Eret while Corpse Husband dropped a simple smiley face.

It won’t be the first tour that Karl has given. As noted, he helped show Ninja, Corpse Husband, and Pokimane around, and they all got up to shenanigans, so there should be fun in store for Lil Nas X.

Other guests have only dipped in for one day, talked about returning, and rarely done so, so it’ll be interesting to see what the singer decides to do.

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