Tyler1 has priceless reaction after returning home to no gifts from viewers

Eli Becht

Tyler ‘Tyler1‘ Steinkamp might be one of Twitch’s biggest streamers, but it turns out he might have overestimated just how much his fans like getting him gifts.

Tyler returned to his mother’s house for the first time in eight months, and she’d told him he had a lot of mail waiting for him from fans. 

He returned home and talked about the mail he had received, but it sounded like he expected a whole lot more, after being away for so long. He brought up the fact he’d been away from home for eight months, leaving fans plenty of time to send gifts for him.

Tyler1, YouTubeTyler1 is one of the biggest streamers on Twitch.

You’ve got mail!

Tyler draws many viewers on Twitch, but it doesn’t look like that success he found on the platform translated all that well into receiving fan mail from viewers.

“I fucking came home, I was like ‘Mom how much mail do I have?'” he asked. “Because people, they’ve been fucking telling me ‘Yo, T1 I sent you a box to your P.O. Box blah blah blah,’ I come fucking home, I have two boxes. I was gone for eight months, I have two boxes. Really? That’s it? No fan mail, no letters … I know the channel’s dying but show me some love.

When Tyler rages, he usually sticks to League of Legends, but this time, the rage carried over into real life. Jokes aside, we’re sure Tyler is appreciative of the gifts he received. To be fair, Tyler hasn’t lived there in nearly a year, so that could be a reason fans stopped sending gifts.

Perhaps this outburst on stream could actually have the added bonus of fans sending additional gifts in an effort to avoid a reaction like this again. One thing seems certain – his mom won’t be getting any more mail for him.

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