Unsuspecting IRL streamer gets “pickpocketed” on camera

Kandylul, Instagram / Freepik

Thanks to Twitch’s wide and varied user base, it stands as one of the net’s most popular livestreaming platforms, providing viewers with a near-constant flood of hilarious content and unexpected moments – one of which happend to an unsuspecting IRL streamer.

Twitch streamer ‘Kandyland’ is known for her cooking streams and other broadcasts going about her daily life, with her IRL stream seeing a special guest on June 14 for Dreamhack Summer.

However, this guest wasn’t there to merely chat it up; instead, he had other plans, which involved a hilarious “magic trick.”

Kandylul, InstagramPopular IRL Twitch streamer ‘Kandyland’ was the brunt of a hilarious magic trick.https://www.instagram.com/p/BylT1_8I1HB/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

The guest asked Kandyland to close her eyes and think of a number between one and one hundred, asking her to count up to that number once she’d made her decision.

As Kandyland counted, the guest continued to interrupt her, at the same time fiddling with the watch on her wrist.

Finally, the guest rose from his seat on the floor, clearly holding the watch in his hand before continuing with the charade.

“No, I don’t know what your intentions are!” Kandyland protested, later noticing that her guest was triumphantly holding up her wristwatch for the camera. “I’m uncomfortable – oh, you took my watch!”

This wouldn’t be Kandyland’s first on-stream antic, by far; the streamer likewise gave viewers an accidental look at her cleavage in a subsequent broadcast, thanks to her reflective sunglasses.

Kandyland had held up her camera to her sunglasses while walking around a pond, which showed a gratuitous view of her decolletage, with some viewers wondering if she even knew about the probable mishap.

Kandyland continues to grow in popularity on Twitch, boasting over 173,000 subscribers as of June 17.