Twitch streamers Tyler1 and Macaiyla celebrate the birth of their baby

Meera Jacka
Twitch streamer Tyler1 kissing Macaiyla on the forehead after the birth of their baby.

Twitch streamers Tyler1 and Macaiyla have announced the birth of their child, celebrating the arrival of their newest family member with fans online.

Popular Twitch streamer and League of Legends player Tyler Steinkamp, better known online as Tyler1, and his long-term girlfriend Macaiyla have welcomed their daughter into the world.

Taking to Instagram and X (formerly Twitter), the couple shared multiple photos of their “miracle” baby girl, revealing she was born on April 11.

The baby’s name is Saiyler Rue Steinkamp, which the pair explained on Instagram was “a mix of mom and dad’s name.”

Tyler1 and Macaiyla first met in 2016 while attending TwitchCon and began dating not long after. They first announced they were expecting a girl on December 18, 2023, after having experienced a life-threatening miscarriage earlier the same year.

Fellow content creators have already responded to news of the birth, with ‘xQc’ pointing out the couple’s daughter had “Spawned in with more hair than [Tyler1].” And he wasn’t the only one cracking jokes, ‘Trainwreckstv’ stating, “Already taller than [Tyler1],”

When one person asked how the “acid reflux” was considering the baby’s head of hair, Macaiyla herself responded, writing, “Absolutely horrible.”

Many fans of the streamers took to social media to congratulate them on their newest family member, wishing Macaiyla a speedy and easy recovery.

“Happy for the both of you. You guys are [going to] be amazing parents!” one person wrote.