Tyler1 gives perfect response to strange Halo Reach ban glitch

Published: 4/Dec/2019 14:23

by Andy Williams


Popular Twitch streamer, Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp, was caught off-guard when he was issued with an ‘Easy Anti-Cheat’ message while playing Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

Halo’s venture away from the realm of console has gotten off to a hot start. With The Master Chief Collection currently standing as the number-one selling game on Steam – and Halo: Reach sitting at a respectable third – Halo has cemented its place in the domain of PC gaming.

A host of big names decided to turn their hand to Microsoft’s hit series, as it made its way onto the Steam Marketplace on December 3. Among which was Tyler1 — the League of Legends player who’s notorious for his energetic commentary.

lotyler1 (Twitch).Tyler1 broke the Twitch record for concurrent views during his return to LoL on January 8.

Since his return to LoL after his ban, Tyler hasn’t veered too far away from Summoner’s Rift. Given his proficiency in-game, the American has dedicated the vast majority of his time to Riot’s flagship title.  

However, in a rare effort to step away from the MOBA, Steinkamp turned his hand to Halo’s Master Chief Collection. 

Yet, while he appeared to have picked up the game in a matter of hours, Halo’s servers dubbed Tyler1’s abilities to be akin to that of someone trying to cheat the system.

After landing a headshot on his opponent, his game immediately flagged up an ‘anti-cheat’ message, which read: “You were kicked. Easy Anti-Cheat has detected a problem. Please visit easy.ac/support for help on resolving the issue.”

After reading the message somewhat stunned, Tyler1 said: “I think we just got banned,” and following a short pause, Tyler added: “Am I banned?”

“I mean, I get it,” Steinkamp said. “I’m a f**king freaking of nature – athletic freak – and my gameplay implies [that] I’m cheating.”

In typical Tyler1 fashion, the American flashed his peripherals at his camera while explaining that he couldn’t possibly be cheating. 

Although the Easy Anti-Cheat message kicked Tyler1 from his game, it could be that the streamer hopped straight back into another game shortly afterwards, in a bid to improve his ELO rank within competitive modes.

Evidently, the above is an issue with the game’s servers or perhaps a hardware issue. It could be that he just needs to check for corrupted memory or perhaps an unknown game file from the installation, according to Epic Games’ website


Charli D’Amelio slams “out of control” hate from 100m followers scandal

Published: 3/Dec/2020 21:21

by Virginia Glaze


TikTok star Charli D’Amelio is hitting back at the intense criticism she received after joking about not reaching 100 million followers in a year, as well as the hate that followed her tearful Instagram Live on the subject.

Charli D’Amelio is TikTok’s most-followed content creator. Now boasting over 101 million followers, Charli has become the poster girl for the viral video application — but not everyone is a fan of the internet superstar.

The 16-year-old influencer got hit with an avalanche of negativity upon the release of a “Dinner with the D’Amelio’s” episode on November 16, where she appeared to jokingly bemoan not reaching 100 million followers in a year’s time.

The issue quickly erupted into a scandal, with users calling out Charli for purportedly only seeing her fans as “numbers” and being ungrateful for her privileged position as a celebrity.

(Charli’s comment starts at 14:58)

The hate soon spun into a hurricane of vile comments, with D’Amelio even revealing she’d been sent death threats from angry viewers during a tearful Instagram live addressing the situation. She even lost 1 million followers over the ordeal.

She has discussed the matter yet again in a solo December 3 episode of her ‘2 Chix’ podcast sans sister Dixie D’Amelio, hitting back at the shocking amount of hate she received over the scandal.

“The thing that I think happened was, it spiraled completely out of control,” she said of the situation. “It turned into a place where I was getting threats for my life. When talking about this on Live, I got emotional, because that’s not something that people take lightly.”

“I feel like people really have to understand that yes, I do have a substantial amount of people that follow me on social media,” she continued. “That does not mean that I am not a person. …The entire situation was taken completely out of proportion by lots of people.”

“I know I’m not a disrespectful person. I know that I’m not a genuinely horrible person. I know I’m a good person, at the end of the day. Whether or not everyone agrees with that is for them to figure out, and that’s totally fine.”

(Topic begins at 1:10)

Charli’s podcast shines a light on the growing negativity from social media platforms like TikTok, which even bullied the likes of Taio Cruz off the website within just a few days of him creating an account.

This situation serves as an important reminder to remember that no matter the circumstances, there’s always another person behind your phone screen who your words are directly affecting — 100 million followers or not.