Tyler1 gives perfect example why he doesn’t have any sponsors on Twitch

Daniel Cleary

Popular League of Legends streamer, Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp revealed to viewers why he doesn’t have any sponsors despite his massive following on the livestreaming platform, Twitch.

Tyler1 is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, boasting over 2.5 million followers and is known for his high energy and entertaining gameplay on the popular MOBA, League of Legends.

Despite his popularity, it is not often that fans see Tyler1 promoting a paid product on his stream or featuring any brands on his overlay.

Riot Games/Lol EsportsTyler1 has made appearances at multiple of Riot Games’ League of Legends events.

The Twitch streamer was queueing up for a game when asked why he doesn’t have any sponsors and he quickly responded by explaining that he often goes too far with insults in-game.

Tyler1 then followed up by sharing a perfect example of why he doesn’t have any sponsors, demonstrating one of his insults for his viewers that would often not leave the best first impression for those watching.

“I wouldn’t be able to say that if I had a sponsor, bro fuck that,” Tyler explained, referring to his previous insult, expressing that he wouldn’t be able to entertain fans on stream in the same manner if he was more restricted in what he could say.

Tyler1 later explained that streamers would want to be “brand-friendly” in order to make the most out of sponsorship opportunities, suggesting that his content might not be the most family-friendly.

Despite Tyler1 often going too far with insults during certain games on stream, he has still managed to represent Riot Games at multiple events in the past including his recent appearance at the Summer Finals in Detroit, where he threw shade on LCS finalists, Cloud9.

His antics have got him in trouble in the past though, even banned from League of Legends for his ‘toxic behavior’.

Although he does not receive any sponsorships for his stream, he still retains a massive following who support his content, through donating and subscribing to his channel.

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