Tyler1 throws shade on Cloud9 in hilarious LCS finals appearance

Kamil Malinowski

Famous League of Legends streamer Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp made a hilarious appearance at the League of Legends Championship Series finals on August 26.

LoL streamer Tyler1 made yet another appearance at the LCS finals, speaking with Ovilee ‘Ovilee’ May in a hilarious interview.

The start of game two between Team Liquid and Cloud9 was overshadowed by the unexpected interview, where the American spoke about the state of the game, commented about the player’s skill, and more.

Riot GamesTyler1’s interview overshadowed the start of game two between Liquid and Cloud9.

“What went wrong with Cloud9, what were they doing?” asked Ovilee. Tyler1’s response was nothing short of amazing, as the American said: “Well, honestly, I think they tried to have fun playing League of Legends. You can’t pick Thresh or Veigar, you have to play something like Braum or Tahm Kench, and so this game should be a lot better.”

Meanwhile, the camera zoomed out to show Tyler1 standing on a box to appear taller, while Ovilee had taken off her shoes to even the height difference, an ode to his first LCS appearance where he also appeared on a box.

He was also asked who he would prefer to win the series, to which he replied “I don’t care who wins, I just want some nice, exciting game five action” much to the appeal of the fans in the arena, who immediately cheered, seemingly also in favor of a five-game series.

The interview ended shortly after, with Tyler1 taking a quick jab at the players, saying he could replace them all if he wanted.

Tyler1 twitchTyler1 is a famous LoL Twitch streamer.

The American’s wish ended up coming true, as the series went all the way to an exciting game five, with Team Liquid taking a very close 3-2 win. 

Team Liquid will now be the first seed for North America at the League of Legends World Championships, with Cloud9 joining them as seed two thanks to their LCS points.

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