LoL players call on Riot to act after Tyler1 gets caught trolling off-stream games

Liam Ho
Tyler1 in Gladiator Draven cosplay

League of Legends poster boy Tyler1 has been caught trolling one of his teammates in an off-stream game, prompting players to call upon Riot to act against the streamer.

Riot’s MOBA League of Legends isn’t known for having the most positive of communities. Often times games can lead to typing matches with players intentionally feeding or throwing the match in retaliation. Developer Riot has made strides in attempting to dismantle this behavior, however, it’s a neverending war against toxicity.

No one would know this toxicity more than prolific League of Legends streamer Tyler1, who has braved the wilderness known as solo queue to hit Challenger on multiple roles. Tyler was originally known as one of the most toxic streamers within the League community, who found popularity through his rebrand as a reformed player.

Unfortunately, it appears that Tyler may be slipping back into old habits, as a recent teammate of his showcased him trolling his matches and intentionally feeding.

Reddit user WoogieWoogielol was playing a solo queue game with the streamer, who then reported that Tyler gave up early into the match and told his team to “enjoy loss”. Woogie also provided a clip of Tyler speaking about the game, a screenshot of Tyler’s chat log, and the VOD of the game itself all as proof.

The VOD shows Tyler’s team being invaded and losing one member. He then proceeds to flash on the spot and abandon his ADC to run top lane instead. From there, Tyler continues to troll by building AP items and refuses to help his team.

The screenshot shared by Woogie showcases a similar story, with Tyler saying things such as “not playing”, “good luck” and “enjoy loss”.

Tyler has since spoken about the game on stream, giving a bit more context from his side of the story.

“They only care if you type, period. People sit here, grief me forever. I don’t care man. This game in champion select, I told my AD carry, I told anybody, ‘Ban Draven’. My Aphelios banned nothing. They locked in Draven, GG let’s have fun… Yeah off-stream game’s easy as f***. I don’t care. Ban griefing or f*** off.”

This off-stream game has caused quite a commotion within the League of Legends community, with many players looking at Riot to see what they’ll do. Some commenters pointed out the irony of Tyler1’s practically invincible status, as he’s seemingly able to get away with poor behavior.

Another user recalled another popular content creator Dunkey, and how they were permanently banned with Riot stating there was no special treatment.

Riot has yet to comment on if Tyler1 will receive some form of punishment, so League players will just have to wait and see.

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