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Tyler1 slams 100T Yassuo as a “bottom tier streamer”, still won’t play TFT

Published: 28/Aug/2019 17:45 Updated: 28/Aug/2019 23:32

by Scott Robertson


League of Legends streamer Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp was being interviewed by Travis Gafford when he had something to say about 100 Thieves signing streamer Moe ‘Yassuo’, the Teamfight Tactics mode, and the organization he’d consider streaming for.

Tyler1 is a world-class interviewee. Having already left his mark all over the past weekend’s North American LCS finals, Tyler added to his on-camera appearances with an interview with content creator and famed interviewer Travis Gafford.

The two then discussed Tyler’s vacation to Hawaii, and compared their own Hawaiian vacations before Travis asked if Tyler had played any Teamfight Tactics since it was released.


Tyler scoffed at the idea, saying he hasn’t even touched the game mode. In fact he claims he hasn’t even clicked on the TFT tab yet.

When asked if he ever will play TFT, Tyler scoffed again, laughed, and shook his head.

Tyler1 has maintained this opinion of Teamfight Tactics since it was released. During his streams, he’s called it “more boring than League of Legends,” and said he “dozed off four times” while watching LoL player William ‘scarra’ Li play it. “Not for me. Lame as fuck. Not a fan.”

After mentioning going out with Yassuo while in Detroit, Travis asked Tyler1 his thoughts on 100Thieves signing him as a streamer. Much like his earlier interviews, Tyler brought out the big banter guns:


“100Thieves, you’re a bottom tier LCS team, now you pick up a bottom tier streamer. Why? That’s not the move.”

Tyler1 and Yassuo have had a bit of a playful rivalry on stream in the past, with Tyler infamously losing a $10k bet in a rank-climbing contest, so it’s safe to assume the “bottom tier streamer” jab is just harmless banter. 

But the crack at 100T is kind of close to accurate, as they finished last in this year’s spring split and 8th in the summer split.

When Travis asked if he would join 100T or any team as an official streamer, Tyler clearly and confidently said no. This interview was a touching example of independent content creators supporting each other.