Tyler1 delivers another priceless ad read for sponsored Twitch stream

Lawrence Scotti
Tyler1/Riot Games

League of Legends streamer Tyler1’s sponsored broadcast for Doritos went exactly how you might have expected, leading to a handful of hilarious moments.

Although we are weeks away from the launch of League Season 12, Tyler1 hasn’t stopped grinding the game.

In fact, he’s been streaming so much League he hinted it could lead him to early retirement, as his contract with Twitch has him broadcasting over 50 hours a week.

However, the Twitch star is still streaming his regular hours for now and even picked up a new sponsor on his latest broadcast: Doritos.

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Tyler1 has over 4.7 million Twitch followers.

Tyler1’s hilarious sponsored stream

His sponsored stream was hosted on December 23, when he plastered a massive Doritos logo on his screen.

With the humongous Doritos logo taking up the entire scream Tyler said, “Sorry, has to be there boys. It’s a sponsor requirement. Just tilt your head, act like it’s not there.”

Later in the match, the streamer narrowly avoided death during a tower dive and managed to turn the play around for an improbable double-kill.

After the play, he screamed: “Taking it to another level! Sponsored by f**kin’ DORITOS!”

Tyler is known for incorporating his sponsored segments with incredible effort, often screaming the ad reads at his opponents and in high-pressure situations.

Although the ad reads were hilarious, Tyler went 1-6 in his sponsored solo queue matches.

This continues his tradition of losing during sponsored segments, as the last time he was sponsored by Doritos he went a miserable 3-15.