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League Season 12 Hextech Dragon: How Hexgates work & locations, buffs

Published: 24/Oct/2021 21:15

by Lawrence Scotti


League of Legends is adding two new Dragons in Season 12, one of them being Hextech. It brings along new buffs and a new terrain mechanic called Hexgates which allows players to teleport across the map. 

League Season 12 is right around the corner, and players are already testing out the changes for the upcoming season on the Public Beta Environment server.

One of the more notable additions is the new Hextech dragon, which brings new exciting buffs and creative terrain changes to Summoner’s Rift with the Hextech Dragon Soul.


Hextech Dragon and Soul buff

Slaying the new Hextech Dragon will grant players 5 Ability Haste and 5% Attack Speed.


The team that obtains the Soul will be given a permanent buff that adds chain lightning on their auto-attacks, dealing damage and slowing up to four nearby enemies.

The effect is similar to the item Statik Shiv that was removed in the massive item overhaul at the beginning of Season 10.

Hexgate functionality

Like all Dragon Souls in League, the Hextech will bring new its own alternation to Summoner’s Rift.

For its map, portals will spawn nicknamed Hexgates that will teleport you from one location to the next, with a total of six pairs appearing on the entire map.

Riot Games
Hexgates are one of the new features coming in League Season 12.

After one second of channeling, players will be teleported from one location to the next. If the player gets CCed or takes any form of damage, the channel will be canceled.


While being teleported in the Hexgate, you cannot be targeted. Players can also choose exactly where they will land on the other side of the gate while arriving.

Hexgate locations

The six pairs of Hexgates will always appear in the exact same locations on the map.

Two pairs of portals will spawn from each base to just beyond the gate of the base, over the initial terrain. These portals only go in one direction, which is opposite the player’s base, which is indicated on the minimap to clear up confusion over which direction they go.

hexgate lcoations
Riot Games
The location for all six pairs of Hexgates.

Another pair of portals will be spawned at the blue-side blue buff and just behind the Baron Nashor pit, which will allow players to teleport in both directions.


The last pair of portals spawn behind the dragon pit and the red-side teams blue buff. This, too, can teleport players in both directions, as shown on the minimap.

Hexgates are an exciting new feature being added to Summoner’s Rift and will allow fans to make cross-map plays quicker than ever before.