Tyler1 claims it’s viewers “fault” if they gamble because streamers do

Alice Sjöberg
Tyler1 League of Legends

Twitch star Tyler1 has revealed his opinion regarding Kick and gambling ads, as he argues it’s the viewers’ fault for choosing to gamble and not the streamers’ fault.

As Kick continues to grow increasingly popular and sign more and more streamers, the platform has been increasingly criticized for its gambling links.

Even though the platform – which is backed by Stake, the online casino – has recently released an update that allows users to block gambling streams, some streamers are still skeptical of Kick as they want to stay away from that type of content. This includes Pokimane who spoke against xQc and Kick when his $100 million deal was announced.

Tyler1 has now opened up and expressed his thoughts on the matter, where he argues it’s the viewers’ fault for wanting to gamble in the first place.

Tyler1 argues people gambling isn’t streamers’ fault

In a recent stream, the League of Legends streamer was asked if he was against the gambling ads on Kick. Tyler answered: “No, I’m not anti-gambling. On the philosophy of what gambling is, if people are stupid enough to gamble and lose their money, that’s their own problem.

“Especially if all these streamers, remember like ‘don’t gamble’ blah blah blah,’ they go into gambling and they lose it all, they deserve to lose it and that’s their life lesson,” he said.

“If people are like ‘but what about the kids?’, my whole thing is, if a kid is stupid enough to take their mom’s credit card and number one, that’s bad parenting and they should do better, and again it’s a good life lesson, while they’re young, that they’ll learn and it’ll benefit them in the future.

“I don’t care if people gamble.”

Even though Tyler’s thoughts differ from a lot of other streamers, it’s a stance that is backed by a fair few viewers and other content creators.

It’s an argument that has cropped up before, especially when gambling was prevalent on Twitch and numerous streamers had referral codes for casinos.

Twitch has since clamped down on that, which has spawned Kick and helped it grow.