xQc claims streamers offered ‘lowball’ gambling deals were the ones protesting on Twitch

Jeremy Gan
Streamers say twitch is done after xQc Kick deal

xQc is claiming streamers that were offered ‘lowball’ gambling promotion deals were the ones who would go on to publicly protest Twitch for allowing gambling streams. 

Gambling on Twitch has had a long and troubled history. From gambling-sponsored streams on certain sites being banned to streamers jumping ship to rivals like Kick in order to gamble with fewer restrictions, it’s been a turbulent period.

During Twitch’s era of sponsored gambling streams, xQc was one of the biggest names involved, often drawing in tens of thousands of viewers as he engaged with virtual slot machines for hours on end. At least, until it was outlawed. And xQc has long been railing against Twitch’s rules on gambling streams as a result. 

Now, with his recent signing with the Stake-owned streaming platform Kick, he has been heavily criticizing not just Twitch, but its streamers for their stance on gambling promotions as well. 

In a recent broadcast from xQc, one that took place on Twitch, he talked about his early adoption of Kick, explaining to his viewers why he chose to go “all in” rather than be a late adopter like other streamers who have been critical in the early runnings. 

It was in this rant that he claimed these same critics of Kick were getting offers for gambling streams on Twitch. Without naming any specific figures in the space, he then implied that once they were lowballed on these offers, they turned around and protested gambling streams on the Amazon-owned platform. 

“The same people, as in back in the [gambling] days way back when, asked for the same deals, I saw all the logs all of them, they were like “oh dude can I get this? Can I get that?” and they didn’t get the same deal as the [streamers] above them. So they all went “Oh my god”, the next day, 12 hours later, ‘gambling is disgusting I can’t believe they do that.’”

He ended off his rant by saying, “It’s the same people that did that in the gambling days that now do that with the Kick s***, and it’s f***ing insane. I just don’t understand how that’s such a standardized behavior.”

However, viewers should take xQc’s claims with a grain of salt. After all, without any specific names to go off, it’s impossible to verify such heated claims.

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