Kick now lets users blacklist Hot Tub and Gambling streams from recommended

Shay Robson
Kick front page with Kick logo on top

A new Kick update now lets users remove hot tub and gambling streams from being recommended on the site.

Since the beginning of 2023, Kick has been on the rise within the streaming community, going as far as to rival industry-titan Twitch. So far, the new platform has presented several features to entice streamers as well as viewers to make the jump to the site.

Signing top talent such as Adin Ross and xQc, as well as offering perks such as a superior subscription revenue split at 95% compared to Twitch’s 50%, it’s no wonder Kick is seeing massive growth — amassing over 10 million registered accounts in its first seven months.

It’s certainly clear that the platform has the best interests of the community in mind, recently improving its bot protection and implementing a new update that will remove “unnecessary” exposure to gambling streams.

On top of that, former Twitch streamer and platform co-founder Trainwrecks has announced that Kick will now offer users the option to completely remove all content that contains bikinis, pools, hot tubs, slots, and casino content.

Kick introduces option to remove Hot Tub and Gambling streams

In a July 3 tweet, Trainwrecks announced that the latest update will give all users the option to completely remove content that could be considered controversial across the entire site.

Among those include content that may contain bikinis, hot tubs, pools as well as slots and casino content.

“The user option to completely opt out of seeing bikinis, pools, hot tubs, slots, & casino content on the ENTIRETY of KICK, is out now,” he wrote.

It’s fair to say that the update has been well received, with many praising the platform for listening and prioritizing the community above all.

“Might be time to full send it on the green app. You guys listen to your creators,” said one.

“Improvements To Better The User Experience! The fact it’s always the creators and the viewers before the company feels so huge! Thank you,” another added.

It’s clear that Kick doesn’t expect to slow down anytime soon. According to the platform, they’re experiencing “exponential growth” and have already upgraded their services to handle an expected increase in users in the coming months.