Twitch streamers support Pokimane after “sexist” hate raid ruins her stream

Virginia Glaze
Twitch streamers support Pokimane after sexist hate raid

Pokimane abruptly ended her January 12 stream after another broadcaster harassed her viewers. Now, popular influencers like Mizkif and Myth are sticking up for Pokimane and calling for change on Twitch.

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys became a hot topic of conversation across social media after the Twitch streamer was banned for watching Avatar: The Last Airbender during a January 8 broadcast.

Her ban came on the heels of heated debates regarding the ethics of skirting copyright claims by watching television shows on Twitch.

Pokimane received ample backlash for tempting the ban hammer, further fueling the fires of speculation that Twitch could be in for big changes in regards to copyright policy… but nothing prepared audiences for what came a week later.

Twitch streamer Pokimane live during broadcast
Pokimane was notably banned from Twitch for watching Avatar: The Last Airbender during a live broadcast.

On January 12, Pokimane was forced to shut down her stream early after fellow broadcaster ‘Jidion’ instructed his fans to harass Anys’s Twitch viewers. Clearly emotional, Pokimane cut her stream short.

A day later, oodles of her fellow streamers are speaking out against the hate raid, dubbing the harassment against Pokimane “sexist” and calling for change regarding the treatment of female streamers on Twitch.

Disguised Toast calls out “sexist” Twitch trolls

Popular streamer Disguised Toast notably compared the hate he received for being banned for watching Death Note versus the vitriol Pokimane endured after her Avatar suspension.

“You can s**t on me for watching anime, but some people are using this as a reason to be sexist and hateful to her,” he tweeted.

Kaceytron shows support for Pokimane

Kaceytron, another well-known streamer, replied to Toast’s post, thanking him for showing support and asking for more men on Twitch to call out sexist behavior.

“It always feels like women get held 100x more accountable for anything they do ‘wrong’ and it gets held over us for years,” she responded. “Need more men shedding light on these inequities on Twitch.”

Myth speaks out against misogyny on Twitch

Myth also spoke up in support for Pokimane, calling the treatment she’s received “blatant misogyny.”

“Child brains on the internet think I wanna f**k Pokimane because I spoke out against blatant misogyny today,” he tweeted. “How’s your day going?”

Mizkif blasts “simp” culture on Twitch

Mizkif has also notably backed Pokimane during the ordeal. The streamer blasted “simp” culture on Twitch, noting that some fans might be scared to support Pokimane for fear of being labeled as such.

JackSepticEye appears to support Pokimane

Even YouTuber JackSepticEye stepped in to seemingly comment on the matter, writing: “In this household, we respect strong, successful women. The amount of harassment they have to go through online for simply existing is crazy.

Pokimane reacts to support from streamers amid Twitch harassment

Although Pokimane has protected her official Twitter account, she did make a post reacting to the support from her friends and fellow streamers on her secondary Twitter profile.

Although Anys is going through a slew of harassment, it’s clear that her friends are in her corner, with many more calling on users and social media platforms alike to make a change in environments that can be unwelcoming for women.

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