Pokelawls flames DisguisedToast after his “stupid” 30-day ban prank

Popular streamer Pokelawls has hit out at DisguisedToast over his 30-day Twitch ban prank, which he’s admitted was an attempt to stop creators from watching anime on stream.

The TV show meta, which was started by one of Twitch’s most popular creators Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel watching MasterChef, has taken over the platform since the beginning of 2022.

Many other top streamers have hopped on board with the reactionary content, such as Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys and Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang. However, the new meta proved to be a trouble-maker, as both were hit with DMCA strikes which lead to suspensions from the platform.

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While Pokimane was hit with a 48-hour suspension, DisguisedToast claimed he received a 30-day ban from Twitch. But, two days later the streamer was unbanned leading to Pokelawls hitting out at Toast for the “stupid” prank he pulled.

Twitch: Disguised ToastDisguisedToast claimed his Twitch ban was 30-days, despite it being 48-hours.

Pokelawls hits out at DisguisedToast

In a January 13 stream, Pokelawls gave his thoughts on the TV show meta situation with a theory that streamers don’t care about DMCA, and touched on the “stupid” prank by DisguisedToast.

“All the top streamers don’t care and realized they could watch a show and grow really fast too from the TV meta,” said Poke. “Get a publicity ban, come back big if you get banned off the platform you just go to YouTube.”

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He added: “Toast lying about the 30-days thing is stupid. That was annoying. I actually felt bad for him, I actually felt bad I was like wait, 30-days is crazy. That was annoying, now I’m not going to give one f**k about what the guy ever says. Now I’m never going to trust him, the boy that cried wolf. The day he gets banned for real, f**k him I don’t give a f**k.”

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DisguisedToast’s intentions were to “scare others” who are watching TV shows and anime on stream.

The streamer admitted his prank did eventually get out of hand, but he did achieve the goal of putting the spotlight on the DMCA system.

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