Twitch streamer’s massage goes horribly wrong after donation jumpscare

Michael Gwilliam

IRL Twitch streamer ‘ImJasmine’ was left embarrassed after her experience at a Japanese massage parlor ended in a shocking fashion, giving her massage therapist the fright of her life.

Jasmine, who enjoys documenting her travels, was getting a neck massage when suddenly a viewer decided to donate $6.66, which the streamer had set up to play a frightening scream as an alert.

With the streamer relaxing and her head turned away from her phone unable to read chat, she had no idea what was going to happen.

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The chat immediately went into panic mode, with viewers fearing the worst. “Oh no,” one wrote. “Bruh,” another chimed in, clearly not amused by the prank.

Within mere moments after the donation, the screaming echoed throughout the once-quiet massage room, scaring the poor massage therapist out of her mind.

Jasmine herself seemed startled for a second, but soon realized what was up and profusely apologized to the woman.

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“Sorry!” she cried, clearly embarrassed by the situation her chat put her in.

After the massage was over, the giggling, yet awkwardly annoyed Jasmine got up in a hurry, anxious to get out of the building.

“Let me get out of this embarrassing situation and run away for the rest of my life,” she joked. “Another establishment we can never go back to. Thank you guys,” she sarcastically added.

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“Oh my God, that poor girl!” Jasmine sighed. “She had a heart attack.”

The streamer rushed downstairs in such a hurry that she didn’t even have time to put her shoe on properly. While she bowed on her way out the door, it was still an awkward goodbye for both Jasmine and the employees.

“I’m embarrassed,” she told her chat, but stressed that the workers at the parlor were very nice.

While the massage itself may have caused more stress than it took away, it still made for some entertaining content for fans of the Canadian streamer.