Twitch streamer’s hilarious tour of $500 “office” required for Japanese work visa

Michael Gwilliam
Tokyo office space

Twitch streamer ‘Robcdee’ is well-known for his entertaining IRL broadcasts where he frequently helps tourists in trouble. However, in order to stay in Japan, he needs his own special office – something he decided to give his fans a close look at.

During a February 4 broadcast, the Australian streamer decided to show his viewers the office he rents in Tokyo with a neat tour.

After getting to the sixth floor, he walked over to room 610, opened the door, and showed all his viewers the place of business.

Needless to say, it was probably not what his fans were expecting. The small room, which looked more like a closet than anything else, had just enough space for a single small desk, which was about one-third filled with snacks.

“There’s my assistant,” he joked, picking up an anime figurine. “These are my snacks. This is an intercom, internet, shelf, happy new year card, light switch, other switch that I don’t know what it does, but I’m too scared to press it.”

For his part, Rob gave a pretty serviceable, yet amusing tour of the “office” – but it’s crazy to think of anyone using this space for anything other than storage.

To top off the tour, the streamer showed off his “new receptionist” – a Hatsune Miku figure.

“This costs $500 a month!” Rob further explained. “And you have to sign a contract for at least a year.”

Given the lack of room in the “office,” $500 sounds completely outrageous. But, according to the streamer he has to do it to keep his work visa.

Microwave and cupboard in Japanese office
At least there’s a microwave and a cupboard. Poggers?

“This is one of the requirements of a business management visa that allows me to stream full time,” he added. “And when I had to prove that I had an office, I came here to confirm it with all the nameplates and stuff, my lawyer was like, ‘Sorry, I’m going to have to ask you to come back, put your laptop there [on the desk] and take another photo.’”

At least we know that Rob won’t be leaving Japan any time soon, so we can expect to see more quality content from him in the months and even years ahead.

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