CDawgVA tricks Japanese teens into thinking he’s MrBeast and instantly regrets it

Michael Gwilliam
Japanese teens think CDawgVA is mrbeast

Twitch streamer CDawgVA was swarmed by dozens of Japanese teens after joking with one that he was actually Mr Beast.

IRL Twitch streams are always a bit unpredictable, because you never know what strangers are going to do – but in this case, CDawgVA was the one who set off a massive chain reaction by making people believe he was YouTube legend MrBeast.

During a March 13 stream from Japan, CDawg was walking the streets at night when a girl began to ask him about his camera and why he was filming.

Without much thought, the steamer blurted out that he was actually MrBeast, surprising the young fan who gasped and eagerly took a photo with him. Little did the Twitch star know that he’d just opened up a huge can of worms.

Japanese teens swarm CDawg thinking he’s MrBeast

After walking away, it seems like the fan told their buddies that MrBeast was in the area. It wasn’t long before even more Japanese youths started running towards him, trying to get their picture taken.

“This is terrible,” CDawg said as more people approached, handing off their phones to get a photo taken. “This is the worst!”

As the teens and young adults kept pouring in, they began to start requesting some of the streamer’s personal items, with one taking his scarf and another wanting his hat.

Although he refused to give up his jacket, the white lie’s damage was done, and the streamer was now left without some of his clothing.

Of course, dozens of Japanese kids are now going to wake up thinking they met the Kung Fu Panda 4 star – only to be met with disappointment and possibly embarrassment after learning the truth.

As for CDawg’s scarf, according to the streamer, “it’s gone” for good. Maybe that’s just karma. We’ll have to see how the real MrBeast responds to the situation and if he makes a trip to Japan to turn this impromptu role-play into reality.

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