Twitch streamers demand more sub revenue as rival platforms increase rates

Streamers want better Twitch sub splitsPexels/Twitch

Twitch streamers unhappy with the platform offering them significantly less subscription revenue than rival sites, demanding some serious changes.

As the streaming wars heat up, YouTube and Facebook Gaming are looking to gain steam and steal some of Twitch’s top talent.

While YouTube has done this by acquiring top streamers such as TimTheTatman and Dr Lupo directly, Facebook has begun offering its streamers a 100% revenue cut for subscriptions.

Now, Twitch streamers want the Amazon-owned site to step up and begin offering a better cut to content creators instead of the 50% they get currently.

Twitch vs Facebook GamingTwitch / Facebook Gaming / Stanley Li
Facebook is offering streamers 100% of sub revenue compared to Twitch’s 50%.

Streamers want major sub revenue changes on Twitch

On November 3, a tweet by full-time streamer DEZirableGamer began making rounds online, calling for Twitch to institute some sweeping updates.

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“Only making 50% revenue from subs for those that barely make enough for a payout let alone full-time streamers trying to pay bills is CRAZY,” she wrote. “It’s time for a change.”

She went on to add that while Twitch doesn’t “owe” streamers more money, she felt that the hard work she and others put in warranted asking for better pay.

Debate was sparked in the comments, with some suggesting she take her talents to Facebook or YouTube for a better split, and others sided with her.

“They can afford to pay streamers more, they choose not to because they have a monopoly,” Overwatch streamer and Twitch partner Heilune wrote. “Eventually they will have to change, not because they care, but because Youtube’s growth is pressuring them to.”

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“The revenue from ad traffic and how many streamers are on this platform should be enough to give more to affiliates,” Guilty Esports founder GE Carlos said in agreement.

Others explained how they encourage viewers to use means other than subs to support them.

“I’ve already told everyone that does sub to me to go to Patreon… I mirrored the $ and everything,” another streamer replied. “I added up how much Twitch took from me the whole year I was on it and… It made me sick.”

There’s no telling on if Twitch has any plans to increase streamers’ sub income, but if YouTube and Facebook can keep up the pressure, anything is possible.

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