TimTheTatman explains why YouTube Gaming is better than Twitch

TimTheTatman says how YouTube Gaming is better than TwitchYouTube: TimTheTatman

In his first-ever YouTube stream, legendary streamer TimTheTatman took aim at Twitch, explaining why he believes it’s not as good as being on YouTube.

Tim made waves online on September 1 when he announced he would be jumping ship to YouTube Gaming to join the likes of his friend Dr Disrespect.

According to Tim, there are a number of things that he prefers YouTube for over Twitch. For example, Tim is a huge supporter of viewers being able to pause his stream and come back with no interruptions, even when clipping.

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Plus, while he’s only just now starting streaming on YouTube, he’s been considered a YouTuber by fans even when he was one of Twitch’s biggest names.

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“Eight of ten people that come up to me when I get recognized call me a YouTuber!” he revealed. “It was so bizarre to me. Ultimately, at the end of the day, man, there are more eyes on YouTube and more people know about YouTube.”

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Ever since Mixer’s shut down, YouTube has emerged as the only real rival to Twitch and with the recent acquisitions of Tim and DrLupo, the roster is growing stronger by the day.

Plus, for smaller streamers, Tim highly recommends YouTube considering the recommendation options the platform has.

TimTheTatman cosplays as dr disrespectTwitter/TimTheTatman
TimTheTatman is officially a YouTube streamer.

TimTheTatman compares YouTube Gaming to Twitch

“When I was talking to Wipz, he was trying to make me understand it. Your stream can get recommended to people based on things that they search for and stuff like that,” he said.

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“So, it’s like all the eyeballs can be funneled into an algorithm that recommends something,” he added before taking aim at Twitch. “Rather than being somewhere where you have a category and you hope that someone scrolls low enough that they can see you with five to ten viewers, whatever you have.”

Consider the number of streamers on Twitch, getting discovered can be quite a pain and a lot of it just comes down to luck.

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TimTheTatman poses with Dr DisrespectTwitter: TimTheTatman
Tim can finally stream with Dr Disrespect again.

Is YouTube Gaming better for Warzone streamers?

“I started on Twitch. I understand what that used to be like,” Tim noted. “There’s so many people, if you go to Twitch’s Warzone category, you are scrolling for days. For days! You’re just going!”

According to Tim, a year ago he wanted to see how far he could scroll down on Twitch’s Warzone category and ended up scrolling “forever.”

“At the end of the day, when I’m talking about the benefits of YouTube, that’s one thing I’m talking about,” Tim said in regards to people asking him if he was worried about discoverability.

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It will be very fun to see how this new streamer war between Twitch and YouTube develops, especially with Tim taking such a liking to his new home on YouTube Gaming.