Twitch streamer stunned after getting worst luck ever in Minecraft

Connor Bennett

Twitch streamer KingShuffu rode the ultimate rollercoaster of emotions during his Minecraft save as he survived a lucky fall, only to encounter a deadly foe. 

Despite releasing back in 2009, Minecraft has seen a surge in popularity in recent weeks – with everyone from Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg and numerous Twitch streamers getting in on the sandbox action with Minecraft Monday.

Yet, despite having a cheerful backdrop, the game can also provide the highest of highs and lowest of lows as it throws up plenty of twists of turns. It was something KingShuffu experienced as he thought he had a lucky escape, only to meet an explosive end. 

MinecraftMinecraft has been around in numerous form for ten years.

During his August 24 stream, KingShuffu was minding his own business – taking some time out to dig through his mine and discuss his digging strategy with viewers. However, instead of brightening up his surroundings, the streamer ventured into the darkness, falling from a great height and thumping the ground next to a pool of lava.

He was left lucky, however, as he remained with half a heart and didn’t die. Things seemed to get even better as he looked up and discovered a vein of diamond ore. “Oh shit!” he called out in celebration, before stepping away from the keyboard.

However, that proved to be a fatal mistake as a Creeper followed his earlier drop and exploded right on top of him – killing him, and end the game.

“Oh no!” KingShuffu yelled as he realized what had happened – before punching his bed in disbelief. “Fuck! Oh my God. Are you fucking kidding?” he asked, completely stunned by what had just unfolded.

The hilarity of the clip quickly sent it viral, gaining thousands of upvotes across a number of subreddits and picking up over 39,000 retweets on the streamer’s Twitter account.

Despite his misfortune, KingShuffu couldn’t help but use it to plug his own stream and see the funny side of things. “A lot happening on my timeline rn and I thank each and every one of you, just wanna say Fuck the Creepers,” he tweeted, before following it up with: “Honestly glad my inexperience and downfall could give people some laughs lmao.”

As the streamer was operating with a hardcore save, the death ended his save on the most unfortunate of circumstances.

Whether or not he’ll make a return to the block realm is up in the air, but it might take a little while to get over the heartbreak of such bad luck.

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