xQc stunned after hilarious Minecraft speedrun fail: “Stupidest thing I’ve ever done”

xQc wearing black t-shirt and HyperX headsetxQc

Twitch star xQc was left lost for words as his Minecraft speedrun failed miserably after a hilarious rookie mistake.

After two years of trying, xQc finally managed to beat Forsen’s Minecraft speedrun record in early 2023. However, the battle between the two was not over.

In March, Forsen managed to take the lead again after smashing the previous time by minutes — leaving xQc battling once more to get the record back.

However, xQc was left lost for words at one of his most recent attempts, failing miserably with a hilarious rookie mistake.

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xQc shocked after Minecraft speedrun fail

During his April 13 broadcast, the Twitch star had just one heart, while his hunger was on three bars. With no food in his inventory, the 27-year-old had no way of regenerating his health.

However, the popular streamer got lucky while bartering with the Piglins. After trading a ton of gold, the ‘Juicer’ got just enough Crying Obsidian to craft himself a Respawn Anchor.

In theory, this would now let him respawn with full health and hunger, but xQc’s idea didn’t exactly go to plan. Without thinking, he immediately lit himself on fire with a Flint and Steel after setting his spawn point. However, it didn’t kill him — forgetting that he just used a fire resistance potion minutes earlier.

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xQc then had a different idea to kill himself in-game. This time, the Twitch streamer built up a couple of blocks, and without any further hesitation jumped off to take the fall damage.

Although it would completely slip xQc’s mind what would happen next, as the Twitch star and his 60,000 viewers would watch his entire inventory disintegrate into ashes from the very fire he started seconds ago.

It took a few moments for xQc to realize what just happened, but when it dawned on him, his reaction was absolutely priceless. “Okay, no no, we need to pause this,” he said. “Nope, I don’t give a f**k. I will pause and we’ll talk about this.

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“This has to be the collective must stupidest thing I’ve ever done in my life,” xQc claimed, meanwhile his chat were in absolute hysterics.

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