Twitch streamer baffled after bag of white powder falls from sky

Virginia Glaze

A Twitch streamer was left confused and baffled after a bag of mysterious white powder seemingly fell from the sky while she was dancing for her viewers on the sidewalk.

It’s a given that IRL streams are known for attracting some strange and downright absurd moments on camera — and this particular incident was no exception to the rule.

Twitch streamer ‘crispyjenny’ was celebrating Canada Day in Vancouver by wearing a bow emblazoned with the colors of Canada’s flag and a maple leaf stamped on her cheek, dancing on the sidewalk for her viewers to some chipper music beneath a train line.

However, during the middle of her routine, the streamer suddenly stopped when an object fell from the sky above her to land on the sidewalk. After looking up at the area above her, a security guard came up to her asking, “What is it?”

She pointed at the ground, returning his question with another question: “Is it cocaine?”

After chatting with the guard, Jenny showed her viewers the object in question — a palm-sized, clear plastic baggy full of an unidentified white powder.

“What the heck?” she exclaimed. It wasn’t long before a bystander approached her asking if the baggie was “drugs.”

“I was just standing there, and it fell,” she explained. 

A few moments later, police showed up to inspect the bag, and asked Jenny if she had video of the mysterious substance falling from the sky. They questioned her if she was live streaming and seemed surprised that she had 250 live viewers tuning in to their conversation.

“It looks like flour,” one of the officers remarked as they placed the bag into evidence. 

Jenny left the scene in quick order, saying she was too “scared” to stick around.

“I’m too scared. I don’t like this neighborhood anymore,” she said.

This is far from the wildest thing that’s been captured on a streamer’s IRL broadcast. In fact, Mizkif and Lacari were actually questioned by police for streaming themselves during their fast food challenge in 2023 in a hilarious encounter that took Twitch by storm.

On a more wholesome note, another IRL streamer saved a stray kitten during a trip abroad earlier this year, winning hearts all across social media.

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