Twitch streamer ‘SquidGame’ banned on Instagram after mass-reporting by Netflix fans

SquidGame banned on InstagramNetflix/Twitter/SquidGaming

A Twitch streamer who has been going by ‘SquidGame’ has been banned on Instagram after being mass-reported by fans of the hit Netflix show of the same name.

On September 17, the Korean series Squid Game launched on Netflix to critical acclaim, becoming one of the most-watched series in history.

The show’s games quickly become viral TikTok challenges and the program’s main actress even ballooned in popularity, going from 400,000 followers to over 17 million.

However, while some have seen their accounts boom as a result of the show’s success, others have been banned outright.

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SquidGame banned on Instagram as Netflix show explodes

Taking to Twitter on October 7, streamer SquidGame revealed that Instagram had banned her account and that she suspects fans of the show had mass-reported it.

“I think so many people have been trying to log into my account or reporting it (squidgame) that Instagram have banned me,” she said. “Very not cool.”

To make matters worse, Instagram didn’t revert the wrongful ban and are instead taking their time to review it.

“I’ve applied for it to be reviewed and have to wait 24 hours for their decision,” she added. “What the f**k?”

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According to sullygnome, SquidGame created her Twitch channel back in 2014, so she seems to have been going by that alias online for a few years now.

Hopefully, Instagram can revert the ban and do something about all the users trying to either log into her account or mass-report it.

Until then, it seems like she’ll be stuck waiting for a decision.

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