Twitch streamer accidentally punches wall during VR game


Twitch, one of the net’s most popular livestreaming platforms, is a hive for hilarious moments and unscripted mishaps, featuring everything from surprise pranks to actual fist fights – but one broadcaster on the site found himself squaring up against his own home.

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With virtual reality making a huge footprint in the gaming scene, more and more streamers are turning to the platform to broadcast these games for their audiences – but not every stream goes as planned.

Twitch streamer ‘Castoreh’ was in the middle of one such VR game when he found himself a little too immersed in the experience.

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FreepikVirtual reality games have brought a slew of hilarious moments to streaming platforms like Twitch, as seen when one streamer flung his fist straight into a wall while playing.

Castoreh reached down to pick up a pamphlet in the game and stood back up, apparently attempting to throw the issue across the room.

However, Castoreh’s in-game pitching led to a hilarious injury, as he flung his hand out just a little too far, hitting the wall of his room with a solid “whack!”

The streamer cried out in pain but continued his game, leading to an outburst of laughter from his audience in the chat.

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Castoreh wouldn’t be the first gamer to have suffered a minor (yet hilarious) injury while immersed in virtual reality, either; YouTuber ‘ricardogonhin’ uploaded a video on January 3 showing his friend having a similar slip-up while loaded down with the proper equipment.

After being outfitted in the appropriate VR attire, the unfortunate victim went to pull out a grenade from her utility belt in the game, quickly realizing that she’d pulled out its pin, in the process.

In a last-ditch attempt to save her character, she ran away from the ensuing explosion – only to run straight into a brick wall by the fireplace.

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Virtual reality has also brought other, more wholesome moments to Twitch, such as streamer ‘disruptY2K38’s’ notable project where he challenged himself to wear a VR headset for an entire week.

As can be expected, the streamer pulled off some crazy stunts in order to remain immersed in the VR environment for seven days, finally taking off the headset in a moment of relief at finally seeing the real world.

As developers continue to create more games for players to enjoy in virtual reality, gamers will undoubtedly continue to bring more and more hilarious moments while playing such titles.

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