Twitch streamer pulls off perfect recreation of iconic xQc foot smash

Michael Gwilliam

Australian Twitch streamer Puggapillar pulled off an amazing recreation of Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel’s infamous “foot smash.”

Former Overwatch League pro turned full-time streamer xQc, is quite the entertaining character and one of his craziest on-stream incidents came when the French Canadian was playing Fortnite Battle Royale back in April of 2019.

After missing what he believed to be a “perfect” shot, the bewildered streamer leaped onto his chair and slammed both his feet onto his desk before screaming out in pain and anger at the game.

Robert Paul/Blizzard EntertainmentThere’s never a dull moment with xQc.

A clip of the incident on Twitch alone has been viewed over 275,000 times with many more people viewing it on other platforms.

Due to the clip’s legacy, Puggapillar tried his luck at recreating the incident in sync with video featuring xQc.

“If I time it right, I’ll try to time it with when he does it,” the streamer said as he watched the clip.

After throwing off his headset and leaping up in his chair, the streamer slammed both his feet onto his desk, connecting with his microphone.

As it turned out, it was a lot more painful than Felix had made it out to be. Perhaps because his anger at Fortnite trumped any sort of pain he felt slamming his desk.

“Motherf**ker,” the Twitch streamer said, feeling the effects of the recreation. “That hurts.”

However, Puggapillar wasn’t about to let that be his only attempt. After asking his chat if they wanted to see him try it again, the Aussie went for it again, this time seemingly doing everything perfectly in unison with xQc.

As impressive as the second take was, it appeared to hurt as he began grabbing his ankle in pain. Luckily, a few moments later a smile emerged on his face, indicating that it wasn’t that bad and he wasn’t seriously injured.

Still, it was an impressive recreation of what was one of the most hilarious moments of xQc’s streaming career.

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