xQc freaks out and slams desk with feet after missing 'perfect' shot - Dexerto

xQc freaks out and slams desk with feet after missing 'perfect' shot

Published: 19/Apr/2019 11:52

by Connor Bennett


Popular Overwatch, Apex Legends, or even ‘rigged’ levels of Crash Bandicoot.

xQc regularly finds ways to entertain fans with these rages and he took it up a notch during a session of Fortnite Battle Royale.

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Robert Paul for Blizzard EntertainmentxQc has become one of the most popular Twitch channels around since retiring from professional Overwatch.

xQc tries his hand at Battle Royale games

The former Dallas Fuel pro has taken to Fortnite Arena Mode in recent days, streaming it on a regular basis – even if it does cause him to flip out. It happened again on April 18 as the streamer was ripped apart by an enemy player who was quicker on the draw than he was.

After being killed inside of Dusty Divot, xQc freaked out in his typically hilarious fashion. He took off his headphones, rolled his chair back, and jumped up before slamming his feet down onto his desk.


“Ah, Dude!” he screamed after realizing what he had just done. “How does that not hit? It was perfect. It was perfect!” It took a few moments for xQc to gather himself as the streamer just looked directly down his camera with a blank stare on his face, bamboozled by what had just occurred.

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xQc’s not-so ‘perfect’ shot

However, on review, it’s quite clear to see that xQc’s ‘perfect’ shot wasn’t even close as he thought – as his Shotgun’s crosshair didn’t even line-up with the enemy player.

Fortunately, considering the time he has put into Epic Games’ popular title in recent days, xQc might learn from this mistake and use it to improve his game moving forward. 


Doing so might just save him a little time, and possibly money, instead of finding creative new ways to slam his desk in anger.