Twitch streamer panics to avoid ban after beachgoer tries to show her breasts

Michael Gwilliam
twitch streamer avoids ban

A Twitch streamer was forced into a panic when an IRL beach outing nearly resulted in a banned account when a woman tried to flash the camera.

IRL streams remain one of the most popular forms of content on the platform where creators document their travels from across the world to down the street.

Of course, the problem with IRL streaming is that anything can happen at any time out of the streamer’s control. We’ve seen plenty of wild incidents over the years from phones being stolen to streamers saving drivers from burning cars.

During a recent beach broadcast, Twitch streamer TheNicoleT was wandering around the sandy spot when she got quite an inappropriate offer from someone off-screen.

Beachgoer offers to show Twitch streamer her breasts

As TheNicoleT talked to her chat while soaking up some sun, a woman got her attention by rambling on about her stream.

“Hey hey, is that a f*king Facetime?” the woman slurred off-screen. “Do you wanna see some t*tties?”

Sensing a possible ban could be waiting if she allowed the beachgoer to flash the screen, Nicole took action and made sure that her chat wouldn’t have such a sight befall their virgin eyes.

“No, please don’t!” she quickly replied to save herself.

“Okay, well then can you tell show me where I can smoke?” the woman replied, changing the subject completely.

Luckily, Nicole was able to get dodge any further interactions with the woman, but admitted that the whole situation was “scary,” especially as Twitch may have suspended her if breasts were shown.

That said, the streamer did have a laugh about the ordeal with her chat, joking about how she was offered breasts for free – something that viewers complained doesn’t occur very often, probably because Nicole herself has an OnlyFans account.