Twitch streamer saves driver from burning car

streamer saves man from car on fire

A man left on the side of the road after his car went up in flames was saved by a passing Twitch streamer, who quickly jumped out with a fire extinguisher.

Twitch streamer Sammit was participating in the Drift Matsuri when he came across another driver stranded on the side of the road. The driver’s car was clearly on fire, with smoke billowing out of it.

Sammit wasted no time, immediately pulling over and grabbing a small fire extinguisher before running over to the burning vehicle.

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Twitch streamer extinguishes burning car

As he approached the car, Sammit quickly noticed something was very wrong. Despite the pressure to keep driving and keep the stream going, he stopped his own vehicle, saying: “Oh my God. His whole car is on fire. Hang on, hang on. I’ve got to extinguish it guys.”

Luckily, Sammit was carrying a fire extinguisher on board for emergencies, meaning he was able to stop the vehicle from burning further, and stop the damage from spreading even more.

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The stream cut out not long after Sammit left the vehicle. Once it restarted, he explained that he had panicked while getting the fire extinguisher out, which had made the car stall.

Viewers were shocked at the display, and quickly sent their best wishes to the drivers involved in the incident.

“I hope the driver in the car was ok. Awful thing to happen in the middle of nowhere,” one said.

Sammit was participating in a Japanese drifting event called Drift Matsuri, and is continuing to drive in the competition. His YouTube and Twitch channels revolve round showcasing his life in Japan and the developing car culture there.

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