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Twitch streamer mortified after mom finds her “unwanted DMs” on Facebook

Published: 28/Jan/2020 5:37

by Brad Norton


Twitch streamers are often sent some questionable DMs by viewers around the world, unfortunately, this content creator accidentally had her mom as the recipient this time around.

Unfortunately, Twitch streamers are often subject to a great deal of bizarre messages from complete strangers online. While some turn the spotlight around and expose creepy viewers, others opt to ignore everything that comes their way in hopes that the peculiar DMs might eventually subside.

A professional actress and up-and-coming variety streamer with just under 10,000 followers to her name on Twitch, Chelsea ‘whoischelsea’ Cook recently employed the help of her mom to help manage her social media presence. Awkwardly regretting the situation, some unwanted DMs happened to make their way through to her parent before long.


Walking dead Season 10 premiere red carpet host
Instagram: whoischelsea
No stranger to the spotlight, Chelsea Cook recently hosted the Walking Dead Season 10 premiere red carpet.

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In the midst of a casual variety broadcast on January 27 that saw the streamer playing through Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Cook addressed a comment passing by in Twitch chat that alluded to “unwanted DMs” on social media.

With over 80,000 followers on Instagram and just under 5,000 on Facebook, it comes as no surprise that the entertainer is flooded with personal messages from many of her fans online.

Having her mom in control of various social media accounts lessens her workload, however, it also comes with an evident risk as the streamer recounted an amusing incident involving Facebook DMs in particular.


“My mom admins for it,” she explained. While all seemed just fine with her mom able to access her account, a few cheeky messages slipped through the cracks which “she wasn’t too happy about.”

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While there’s no telling just what the personal messages contained, they were clearly somewhat obscene due to her horrified reaction upon hearing that her mom saw the DMs. 

Trying to awkwardly play the situation off, she joked in the moment, saying that “it never happens mom, don’t worry about it.”

“Honestly it’s better if they send [to] me on Twitter,” the streamer noted, as to avoid any further catastrophes involving her parents and explicit DMs.


Chelsea Cook working with Fine Brothers on Adults React
Instagra: whoischelsea
Cook has also appeared in a number of ‘React’ videos with the Fine Brothers Entertainment.

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The hilarious incident should serve as a lesson to anyone out there who may be thinking of creepily messaging Twitch streamers. 

Keep everything safe for work as you never know who might actually be seeing your supposedly private DMs. Worse yet, you could even be called out and ridiculed in their next broadcast.