Twitch streamer mortified after her room almost catches on fire

Michael Gwilliam

The biggest Twitch fail of 2021 could already have happened in April after a streamer’s brutal mistake nearly resulted in her entire room catching on fire.

Twitch streamer NeahRayne was playing Pummel Party with some friends on April 27 and things seemed to be going fine, with the small streamer chilling and interacting with her chat.

Suddenly, a plush bird on her computer case randomly began to start smoking and it wasn’t long until flames started emerging from the stuffed creature.

For a good few moments, NeahRayne’s attention was strictly on her game and didn’t notice the fire spreading in the background.

neahrayne puts candle near bird
There are better places to put a candle.

Finally, she either smelled the smoke or began to feel the heat, as she turned around and was shocked to see the bird completely engulfed in flames.

“Oh!” she shrieked and panicked to put out the fire by blowing on it. Eventually, she picked the bird up and started smacking it with her hands in a desperate attempt to extinguish the inferno.

With a combination of smacks and blows, it seemed like she was finally able to put the blaze out, but not without first setting off her fire alarm.

“Ahhh!” she screamed in a fit of frustration. “I’m fine!” she exclaimed to her chat before running off to put the bird away.

Luckily, the issue was taken care of before any major damage could be done to either the streamer’s room or her PC. Additionally, the situation could have been a lot worse if the fire started while she was away from the stream.

For her part, however, NeahRayne believes she handled the whole fire problem quite well, but didn’t expect this to be how she gained popularity on the platform.

“I think I don’t only deserve hate. I think I deserve some appreciation for how well I handled the situation!” she remarked a bit later on in the broadcast.

So far, the fire incident has been viewed over 30,000 times and serves as a good reminder to not put candles near flammable objects.