Twitch streamer Mizkif surprises his fans by revealing his net worth

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Popular Twitch streamer Matthew ‘Mizkif’ Rinaudo gave fans a surprise after revealing his true net worth during his January 11 stream.

Mizkif has rapidly grown a large fan base on his Twitch channel over 2019, gaining almost 270,000 new followers throughout the year.

During one of his first streams of the new year in 2020, the Twitch star took the time to host a completely honest Q&A where followers could ask him whatever they wanted.

Mizkif, TwitchMizkif has had a successful year in 2019.

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As seen with many other popular content creators, one of the biggest questions fans had was regarding how much money a top Twitch streamer can make.

Although earnings is often a sensitive topic for some streamers, Mizkif seemed happy to reveal what his true net worth was.

“If you wanted to know, I’m worth about half a million dollars, there you go,” the Twitch streamer shared before explaining shortly after that the considerable figure was calculated even after taxes.

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Although there were some trolls in his chat highlighting that he was short of being a millionaire, many of his fans were shocked to see such a high number for a streamer who only recently made his rise on Twitch.

However, Mizkif was a little confused by his viewers’ surprise, explaining that they probably could’ve worked it out for themselves without too much trouble.

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“I mean let’s be real, if you’re somewhat competent and you grab a calculator, you could probably guess how much I’m worth,” Rinaudo explained, before breaking down how to estimate a streamer’s net worth.

“10,000 subs multiplied by the amount of number I have and times that by twelve, put a couple of donations and sponsors in there and minus taxes, it’s not hard to figure out,” the Twitch star revealed.

Regardless of his success, Mizkif has always given praise to others in the space for their efforts, such as fellow streamer xQc’s incredible year as one of the top streamers on the broadcasting platform.

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